Members in Michigan are fighting for their Party's very existence. The leaders that were elected at the last regular convention have been forced to take a stand against the LNC and those in Michigan attempting to replace the organization's elected leadership with their own chosen representatives.

'This Fight Matters and We Need Your Help.'

We are a grassroots organization, deeply rooted in the values of liberty and justice for all. Every day, we work hard to protect the rights of individual liberty within Michigan. We have come to this point today because we have a moral obligation to defend our members who voted against the new leadership strategy and national usurpation of delegate rights.

'This isn't just about us. It's about standing up for what's right.'

None of us wanted this. But we can't do this alone. We need your help to get the legal assistance we will need to fight this battle for you. We are asking for your financial support to help us in a fight against a hostile takeover of our organization. Your donation would go towards the funding of a legal defense of individual members of the board and any future court challenges, allowing us to obtain legal advice as necessary and for us to best prepare for the possibility of a long court battle ahead of us.

'It's now or never.'

This is a critical moment for the organization, and state affiliates across this county. Every donation toward the Legal Defense Fund matters. Some things are worth fighting for and defending the autonomy of the affiliate in Michigan is defending the autonomy of ALL state affiliates. Please consider donating today and help us keep the door open for freedom and justice in Michigan and across this country.

In Liberty,

Mike Saliba

P.S. Your generous donation to the Legal Defense Fund will help us stand firm and protect the rights of members in Michigan and defend the rights of libertarians across this country from National overreach into the affairs of their affiliates. Thank you for your support!

Donate to the Legal Defense Fund and Defend Free Speech and Affiliate Independence.

100% of donations are used in the defense of Libertarians in Michigan against these suits.
Include "Reference Michigan Libertarians" with your donation.