Why Michigan's Fight Matters

Independence, autonomy, and liberty!


5/12/20232 min read

In the spirit of upholding the values of individual freedom and limited government, it is essential to rally behind the Libertarians in Michigan as they face a trademark lawsuit from the Libertarian National Committee (LNC). This blog post aims to highlight the significance of supporting the state affiliate in Michigan in their legal defense efforts and the broader implications of this lawsuit on the libertarian movement as a whole.

  1. Protecting Autonomy and Promoting Diversity: By donating to help the libertarians in Michigan to defend themselves against the trademark lawsuit, you are supporting the autonomy of state-level affiliates within the libertarian movement. Upholding the independence of state parties allows for diversity in policy approaches, tailoring them to address local issues and reflect the unique needs of the Michigan population. Your contribution helps ensure that the affiliate and members can continue to advance libertarian principles within their state.

  2. Preserving Libertarian Principles: The lawsuit filed by the LNC against several board members of the affiliate in Michigan not only threatens the autonomy of the state party but also raises concerns about the broader principles of limited government and individual freedom. By donating, you can actively participate in preserving these core tenets of the libertarian movement. Your support enables them to mount a robust defense, sending a strong message that attempts to undermine libertarian principles will not go unchallenged.

  3. Ensuring a Fair Legal Process: Legal battles can be financially burdensome, and the party will need substantial resources to mount an effective defense. By donating, you can help level the playing field and ensure that the party has the necessary means to engage competent legal representation. A fair legal process requires that all parties involved have the resources to present their case adequately, and your contribution plays a vital role in achieving that fairness.

  4. Strengthening Unity within the Libertarian Movement: In the face of a trademark lawsuit, it is crucial for libertarians to rally together and demonstrate solidarity. By donating to the Legal Defense Fund, you send a powerful message of unity, showing that libertarians across the nation support their cause. Strengthening unity within the libertarian movement is essential for advancing shared goals and ideals, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the overall impact of libertarian principles in society.

Donating to the legal defense fund is an opportunity to actively support the autonomy of state parties, preserve libertarian principles, ensure a fair legal process, and strengthen unity within the libertarian movement. By contributing, you play a crucial role in protecting the principles of limited government and individual freedom, not just in Michigan but also across the broader libertarian community. Your support empowers the Libertarians in Michigan to defend themselves against the trademark lawsuit and sends a resounding message that libertarians stand united in the face of challenges to their ideals. Together, we can make a difference and safeguard the future of libertarianism in Michigan and beyond.

Donate to the Legal Defense Fund and Defend Free Speech and Affiliate Independence.

100% of donations are used in the defense of Libertarians in Michigan against these suits.
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